What is the Contingent Workforce?

Use of the “contingent” workforce is useful as an alternative when a temporary or specialized labour needs arises. This temporary vacancy exists because of an absence, because a specialized skill may be needed for a specific project and may not be needed after the project. A temporary need for skills arises because of a large, time-critical project or because organizations want to reduce or eliminate the risk and/or legacy costs of permanent hiring.
Use of the contingent workforce is clearly on the rise, as employers seek to cut costs and improve their bottom line while employees look for increased flexibility and the ability to specialize in a particular field. By outsourcing to agencies like StaffAid – companies can add to their staff on a need-only basis ensuring the best value for their expenditures.

The Benefits of the Contingent Workforce

Many companies seek to save money by creating a more flexible and agile workforce. The need for a permanent workforce must relate to the core of the business activity – the peaks of work whether production, project or maintenance can be successfully addressed through the use of the contingent workforce. This creates an opportunity for employers to lower their expenses.

A key advantage for employers outsourcing to contingent workers is the freedom to determine a worker’s hours on a need-only basis, without having to pay salary for time not worked and non statutory benefits. In addition, companies who use contract and contingent workers get high-level experts in their field. These knowledgeable workers often have many years of experience, and this valuable expertise will save employers money in the long run.

Using the contingent workforce for contract projects also provides employers with a ready, reliable, and qualified, pool of potential employees. After hiring a contingent worker for a special project companies can determine whether or not they want to offer permanent employment. This pre–employment probationary period, while costing some initial fees, creates enormous value for the employer who is desperately seeking the right qualified staff. Having these individuals work for another employer while working within the designated workplace, provides a virtually risk-free assessment period. Hiring the wrong person can have huge costs to a company down the road.

Sophisticated continuous on-line training and comprehensive market based wages rates and flexible union/management relations are all hallmarks of successful and value adding contingent workforce arrangements. Whether it is project work, relief work, peek demand, post retirement knowledge continuation or pre-employment assessment – agencies like StaffAid can really be a beneficial business partner for busy industries.

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